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X-Bionic Invent Ropa interior Niños, green lime/black

ID: 406248
65 €
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Información de tallaje : Tallaje pequeño

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Descripción del producto

Lo sentimos mucho, pero lamentablemente no contamos con un texto en español por el momento.

Maintaining an optimal climate balance isn’t easy in winter. It can get cold on the ski lift and be too warm on the descent. X- Bionic provides your body with precise support for climate regulation. An insulating layer of air can be held close to the body by the three-dimensional knitted structures. In the active phase, excess heat can be quickly released via the Air Conditioning channel and the AirConditioningSpots.

Air-Conditioning Channel with ZERO Insulation
With the latest knitting technologies, the connection between extremely thin knitwear, comparable to women's pantyhose and highly insulating thermo fleece was created for the first time. Zero-insulation zones are formed through which excess heat can spontaneously escape. They are placed in highly effective zones for temperature regulation, so that they don’t influence the overall impression of "feeling warm". Zero Insulation Zones are the perfect valve for venting excess heat.

ISO pad
In winter it is possible to protect the body from freezing by specifically isolating individual parts of the body from the cold. Thus the ISO pads above the hip bone and the finer ISO pads on the buttocks keep the heat on the body that is necessary to guarantee the internal organ functions.

The expansion ribs of the elbow pad unfold their insulating additional air cushions only in the bent state. By unfolding the knitted fabric according to the accordion principle, winter cold will not cool down your elbows. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs and the elasticity of the yarn allow a resistance-free motion sequence. No signs of muscle fatigue, but well isolated.

MicroDiffuser at the waistband
Fine channels at the waistband form a highly comfortable sleeve end and allow warm, damp air out in a controlled manner.

Air guides
These spacers work as side bounds along the Air-Conditioning Channel.

They absorb moisture before it can be felt. These lead to evaporation and dispose of them through the dynamics of heat, leaving a film of perspiration – too thin to be noticeable – behind to cool the skin.

MacroSphere System on chest and back
The large MacroSphere system on the chest and back provides cooling without the risk of making you cold. Cools when you sweat and warms you when you’re cold.

Wallaby Structure
Guarantees effective cooling. The highly efficient evaporative cooling at the wrist is achieved by a fourfold enlarged surface. The passing venous blood is cooled and returned to the body.

Proprio padding
Proprioreceptors are sensory cells located in joints and muscles. They control positions and movements of our body parts in space. The slight pressure of the rib structures at these points improves the neuromuscular reactivity of the stabilising musculature. This actively ensures the balance and stability of the entire body.

Register ribs
Fine rib structures ensure an optimal fit of the underwear. Due to the structure and the material, the shirt lies close to the skin without constricting. This ensures optimum functionality of the climate zones and a perfect fit.

Información adicional

  • Tejidos con efecto antimicrobiano
  • máxima temperatura de lavado: 40 ° C
  • Tallaje pequeño. Te recomendamos que elijas una talla más grande a la que normalmente usas. Mostrar la tabla de tallas
  • Corte más ceñido y atlético
Manga larga  
compresión: No
Thermo función: Si
características: De secado rápido
Forma del cuello: Cuello redondo
Cremallera: sin
tipo de material: Fibra sintética  
94% poliamida, 4% polipropileno, 2% elastano  
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