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Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus - Esterillas & Colchones - Regular Rectangular rojo (2018)

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Descripción del producto

Lo sentimos mucho, pero lamentablemente no contamos con un texto en español por el momento.

The dual-layer construction of the Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat consists of two independent, high-resolution layers that provide greater comfort and sensitivity by distributing the shape and weight of your body across several cells. The two layers are offset from one another to give you uniform insulation and cushioning. The lower layer of the mat can be inflated to a high pressure to provide stability on uneven or soft ground. At the same time, the upper layer can be inflated to a lower pressure so that the mat retains its soft, comfortable characteristics. The air pressure can easily be adjusted to your exact requirements using the multifunctional valve. The dual-layer construction also provides a level of built-in redundancy. Should one of the layers become damaged, you can still sleep through the night on the mat's other layer.

Air Sprung Cells
Air Sprung Cells are the cell technology featured in the Sea to Summit sleeping mat range. Instead of the usual baffled construction, Sea to Summit sleeping mats feature a dot-welded design made of interconnected chambers that combine to form an extensive matrix. These chambers are called "Air Sprung Cells" and function like pocket springs in a mattress - each chamber changes shape independently so the sleeping mat can adapt to the contours of your body. This construction makes the mats softer and more comfortable, providing a larger surface area against your body and distributing the pressure evenly.

Exkin Platinum
Exkin Platinum is a super-light, noiseless material with a thin, metallic surface. Exkin Platinum Thermal Technology reflects heat ray emissions back to the user.

Thermolite insulation is made of special fibres that provide a high CLO value at a very low weight.
Thermolite HL-1 High Loft insulation is a textile fibre filling made from unique 3D ruffs with solid- and hollow-core fibres that combine exceptionally light warmth with excellent durability. The Thermolite insulation spreads throughout the Air Sprung Cells to prevent convection heat loss from the warm body to the ground below. For the maximum effect, all versions of the insulated sleeping mat contain a combination of Exkin Platinum and Thermolite.

Extrusion TPU lamination
The TPU coating is applied using a special method that was previously used only in the medical and aeronautics industries. Additionally, an antimicrobial treatment is integrated into the TPU to prevent mildew inside the mat.

40D nylon
40D Ripstop nylon was developed for the surfaces of the mats, providing an ideal combination of light weight and durability. Light, white TPU is applied to the interior, making the material air-tight and weldable. A thin PU film is applied to the exterior, making the surface slip-resistant, protecting it from puncturing, and making it easier to repair using self-adhesive patches.

20D Nylon
Sea to Summit have also developed a lightweight 20D nylon material that's TPU-laminated and weldable on both sides. This 20D nylon inner material is used inside the offset double-layer Air Sprung Cell construction.

Información adicional
inclusive pumping bag
Esterilla y Colchón
Modelo: Colchón hinchable
Tipo: Confort
enrollable: sí  
Espesor: 6.3 mm
Grosor de esterilla: Confort
Peso: 920 g
Longitud: 183 cm
Anchura: 55 cm
incluye bolsa para empacar y transportar: sí  
Año del modelo
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